Embedding fonts to PDF with Kile

The University of Miami Dissertation Editor told me that they require all fonts to be embedded in my dissertation. I used Kile under Ubuntu to write my dissertation, and a quick Google search guided me how to embed all the fonts in the document.

The first part of the puzzle came from mysurface blog. Following part of the suggestions I changed the build command in the Kile settings from dvipdfmx to dvipdf.

Even though that embedded most of the fonts, some common fonts like Times New Roman and Helvetica were not added. To get those embedded I used one of my older posts as a guide.

"...does not really work until you edit a configuration file for ghostscript. Kurniawano's blog helped a lot. On a Ubuntu 9.04 system the file is located at:



If it is not there look for gs_pdfwr.ps file in your operating system. We need to edit this file and comment out the "standardfonts". This is how mine looks after commenting out the definitions:

/.standardfonts [
%  /Courier /Courier-Bold /Courier-Oblique /Courier-BoldOblique
%  /Helvetica /Helvetica-Bold /Helvetica-Oblique /Helvetica-BoldOblique
%  /Times-Roman /Times-Bold /Times-Italic /Times-BoldItalic
%  /Symbol /ZapfDingbats
] readonly def


" from Embed fonts in EPS/PDF, 12 Nov 2009

That's it. With the two changes (Kile setting and modifying the ghostscript pdf writer settings) now my PDF's have all the fonts embedded. Don't forget that embedding all fonts increase the size of the PDF a little bit.